EVP Sales & Development

Allison Amon


After getting an Anthropology degree from The University of Wisconsin Madison, Allison travelled through Europe and North Africa, before settling down in New York City to pursue a career in film production.

She found a job at Spots Films and fell in love with commercial storytelling process. After Freelance Producing for a couple of years Allison moved West to Los Angeles where she became Head of Production at the creative powerhouse, Palomar Pictures.

In 2001, Allison became the co-owner and EP of Chelsea Pictures. She spent the next eighteen years developing it into a world class production company winning awards at Sundance, an Emmy and multiple Cannes Lions, amongst others. Her credits at Chelsea Pictures include some of the most iconic work of the last quarter century, including Always’ “Like a Girl”, Chrysler’s “Half Time in America” and the documentary “Queen of Versailles.”

She is one of the founding jury members of The Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, treasurer of The Fireflies Cycling Club and loves to hike, ski, cycle, swim, run and spend lots of time outside.